Two Months Later

I’m sorry to say that it’s been a long two months (!) since my last post, and a lot has happened since that first post. In the busyness of exploring Taipei, studying, and just living, I’ve had some difficulty finding a good blogging rhythm. Nevertheless, I still really wanted to post an update on here!

Most recently I went on a short trip to Taichung (台中) and Kenting (墾丁) with Theo, my boyfriend. Both 台中 and 墾丁 were amazing! Unfortunately the weather didn’t exactly cooperate our first day in 墾丁 and it was cold and rainy 😦 . So we had to cram all of our outdoors sightseeing on Sunday, when – thank god – it was sunny and warm!

It’s now almost three months since I arrived in Taipei! Which means that I’ve passed the halfway point of my stay (omg!). I’m now also starting to realize that the time that I need to start thinking about packing and my life in the Netherlands is soon coming. Time really has flown by and I’m kind of wishing I had another 6 months here!

Taipei really is amazing.



Hello Taiwan!

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Now after a week in Taipei, the jetlag has completely passed, I’m getting the hang of the MRT system and finding my way around, and I’ve consumed a good amount of AMAZING food! I had actually hoped to write my first post a bit sooner, but with the whole traveling half-way across the globe and exciting new experiences, getting somewhat “settled” took a few days.

So, how was the flight?

I gotta say, during takeoff I thought this flight was going to be one of the best I ever had! Two window seats all to myself, a very smooth journey through customs and such, and just a general good feeling. Unfortunately, then came our layover in Bangkok… What was supposed to be a one hour layover, became a cancelled flight from Bangkok to Taipei due to a defect on the plane!

Thankfully we were still able to fly to Taipei that same day, albeit eight hours later than expected. In the end, I actually couldn’t care much anymore and was just happy to be heading towards Taipei again!

How’s Taipei?

So far, I absolutely love Taipei! I haven’t done a crazy amount of sightseeing yet, I was sort of waiting and hoping that the weather would improve a bit… For a while it seemed like the rain would NEVER stop! I longed for the occasional drizzle we have back in the Netherlands. But, now the weather has seemed to turn around, so let the sightseeing begin!

The people here are so friendly, which actually took a little getting used to. The first day I kept wondering what they wanted from me and why they were being so nice, when after a while I realized a lot of them were actually just trying to be kind!

Up until now I’d have to say that one of the most memorable experiences has been my trip to the 2-28 Peace Memorial Park, or the 二二八平和紀念公園. At the 2-28 Park, squirrels basically walked up to my camera to the point they were almost touching the lens! That together with the great scenery definitely made it an amazing experience


And, a shameless selfie in this nice park!


Despite the picture being out of focus, I just had to add it.


A few tidbits:

20150829_095446728_iOS-1-2I saw this guy on one of the first days here, and was rather perturbed haha. You don’t really see it on the picture, but it actually has water running down its body from its head! @Taipei Main Station


FRUIT! So much fruit… Isn’t it just beautiful? @Shilin Night Market

20150831_125312928_iOS 2-1

One HUGE ASS crêpe with mint chocolate chip ice cream! @Lane 39, Shida Road


@Ximending Shopping district

20150901_115130814_iOS 1-1

Fried shrimp with freaking SPRINKLES! (incredibly delicious by the way) @打咔生猛活海鮮

20150828_065455081_iOS 2-1

And last, but definitely not least, my first bubble tea in Taipei @50嵐

Besides a park or two and some coincidental sightseeing, I’ve mostly just been enjoying a whole lot of delicious food and running errands in preparation of my semester here. However, now that the weather has improved I’m ready for a few cram packed days of being a full on tourist!

Until next time!


Behind the Blog

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After weeks of planning and preparing for my semester abroad at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, the time is now almost here. In about a week I’ll be flying to Taipei! Even though I’m almost leaving, it still hasn’t really sunk in yet, and it probably won’t really sink in until I’m sitting in the plane!

This blog is dedicated to all my adventures and experiences to come while studying abroad in Taiwan.

My first post will be up at the end of the month after I arrive in Taipei, so definitely come back around that time to check out my first post!